Vol. 21, No. 1



LUT Based Generalized Parallel Counters for State-of-art FPGAs

Author: Burhan Khurshid

Efficient Computerized-Tomography Reconstruction Using Low-Cost FPGA-DSP Chip

Authors: Bassam A. Abo-Elftooh, Mohamed H. El-Mahlawy and Mahmoud E. A. Gadallah

CFOA-Based Fractional Order PIλDδ Controller

Authors: Tada Comedang and Pattana Intani

Statistical Analysis of Multiple Access Interference in Chaotic Spreading Sequence Based DS-CDMA Systems

Authors: A. Litvinenko and E. Bekeris

An improved implementation of hierarchy array multiplier using CslA adder and full swing GDI logic

Authors: Shoba Mohan and Nakkeeran Rangaswamy

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