VOLUME 21: Issue 2; Issue 1;

VOLUME 20: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Technology-Dependent Optimization of FIR Filters based on Carry-Save Multiplier and 4:2 Compressor unit

Authors: Burhan Khurshid and Roohie Naaz

Telescopic Op-Amp Optimization for MDAC Circuit Design

Authors: Abdelghani Dendouga and Slimane Oussalah

Real Measurements and Evaluation of the Influence of Atmospheric Phenomena on FSO Combined with Modulation Formats

Authors: Jan Latal, Lukas Hajek, Ales Vanderka, Jan Vitasek, Petr Koudelka, Stanislav Hejduk

A Novel SVPWM Algorithm Considering Neutral-Point Potential Balancing for Three-Level NPC Inverter

Authors: Chen Yongchao, Li Yanda, and Zhao Ling

Hardware Implementation of FTC of Induction Machine on FPGA

Authors: S. Boukadida, S. Gdaim and A. Mtibaa

Simulation and performance analysis of Multiple PCS sensors system

Authors: Pawan Whig, Syed Naseem Ahmad and Surinder Kumar

A Novel Purely Active Electronically Controllable Configuration for Simulating Resistance in Floating Form

Authors: Mayank Srivastava and Dinesh Prasad

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Preventive Thermographic Diagnostic of a HV Busbar Disconnector

Authors: Predrag Saraba, Zoran Ljuboje, Bozidar Popovic and Drazan Krsmanovic

Design of Ternary Content-Addressable Memories with Dynamically Power-gated Storage Cells Using FinFETs

Authors: Meng-Chou Chang, Kai-Lun He, and Yu-Chieh Wang

An Improved Design of Gallager Mapping for LDPC-coded BICM-ID System

Authors: Lin Zhou, Weicheng Huang, Shengliang Peng, Yan Chen and Yucheng He

Design and Implementation of a Novel Directional Coupler for UHF RFID Reader

Authors: Jianxiong Li, Shanlin Song, Xiaoyu Chen, Hua Nian and Weiguang Shi

High Dimensional Electromagnetic Interference Signal Clustering Based On SOM Neural Network

Authors: Hongyi Li, Di Zhao, Shaofeng Xu, Pidong Wang and Jiaxin Chen

Active Comb Filter Using Voltage Differencing Transconductance Amplifiers

Authors: Dinesh Prasad, Akshat Jain, Pankaj Dhingra and Aditya Panchal

Low Voltage Mixed-mode Multi Phase Oscillator Using Single FDCCII

Authors: J. Mohan, B. Chaturvedi and S. Maheshwari

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VOLUME 19: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Nonparabolic effects in multiple quantum well structures and influence of external magnetic field on dipole matrix elements

Authors: Aleksandar Demic, Jelena Radovanovic and Vitomir Milanovic

Design of a 1 DOF MEMS motion stage for a parallel plane geometry rheometer

Authors: Yong-Sik Kim, Nicholas G. Dagalakis, Chiara Ferraris, and Svetlana Avramov-Zamurovic

MEMS mirrors using sub-wavelength High-Contrast-Gratings with asymmetric unit cells

Author: Milan Maksimovic

Joint Effect of Heterogeneous Intrinsic Noise Sources on Instability of MEMS Resonators

Authors: Olga Jaksic, Ivana Jokic, Milos Frantlovic, Danijela Randjelovic, Dragan Tanaskovic, Zarko Lazic and Dana Vasiljevic-Radovic

Prototype of the Multichannel Acquisition System Developed for ICTM Pressure Transmitters

Authors: P. Poljak, B. Vukelic, M. Vorkapic and D.V. Randjelovic

Analytical modelling of the transient response of thermopile-based MEMS sensors

Authors: D.V. Randjelovic, A.G. Kozlov, O.M. Jaksic, M.M. Smiljanic and P.D. Poljak

Position Measurement over Wide Range by Simultaneous Use of Low and High Coherence Light Source

Authors: Milos C. Tomic and Zoran V. Djinovic

Improving the methodology of main power equipment choice for the gas turbine plants

Authors: Evgeny Lisin, Wadim Strielkowski, Ivan Komarov, Ivan Garanin

Application and Control Method of Electromagnetic Synchronizer for Double Rotor Motor Power Coupling System

Authors: Jiang Kejun, He Ren, and Zhang Lanchun

Single DD-DXCCII based quadrature oscillator with simultaneous current and voltage outputs

Authors: B. Chaturvedi and J. Mohan

Elevator Safety Monitoring and Early Warning System Based on Directional antenna transmission technology

Authors: Ying Huang, Weijia Yu

Some examples of photorefractive oscillators

Author: Zoran Ljuboje

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Fast carrier recovery in FHSS systems with DDS based Costas loop

Author: Slavko Sajic

Modeling Method of Finite Element Modeler and Electromagnetic Solvers for Education and Research in RF MEMS

Authors: Tejinder Singh, Wael M. El-Medany and Kamal J. Rangra

Cost Effective Implementation of Fixed Point Adders for LUT based FPGAs using Technology Dependent Optimizations

Authors: Burhan Khurshid and Roohie Naaz

Vector-Controlled Induction Motor Drive with Minimal Number of Sensors

Authors: Evgenije M. Adzic, Vlado B. Porobic, Marko S. Vekic, Zoran R. Ivanovic, and Vladimir A. Katic

Operational Transconductance Amplifier in 350nm CMOS technology

Authors: Dejan D. Mirkovic, Predrag M. Petkovic, Ilija Dimitrijevic and Igor Mircic

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VOLUME 18: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Strained Silicon Layer in CMOS Technology

Authors: Tatjana Pesic-Brdjanin, Branko L. Dokic

Study on a Composite Patch Antenna Based on Left Handed Material with Near Zero Index

Authors: Jijun Wang, Zhipan Zhu, Yanrong Zhang, Leilei Gong, Yuntuan Fang

New Blood Level Measurement System in Blood Separating Machine

Authors: Milos Petkovic, Miroslav Bozic, Dragisa Popovic, Darko Todorovic, and Goran S. Djordjevic

New Single VDCC-based Explicit Current-Mode SRCO Employing All Grounded Passive Components

Authors: Dinesh Prasad, D. R. Bhaskar and Mayank Srivastava

Amplitude Malformation in the IFFT Ocean Wave Rendering under the Influence of the Fourier Coefficient

Authors: Lining Chen, Yicheng Jin, and Yong Yin

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Energy Efficient Multi-Core Processing

Authors: Charles Leech and Tom J. Kazmierski

SPICE Modeling and Simulation of a MPPT Algorithm

Authors: Miona Andrejevic Stosovic, Marko Dimitrijevic, Dusko Lukac, and Vanco Litovski

The use of Bayesian Networks in Detecting the States of Ventilation Mills in Power Plants

Authors: Sanja Vujnovic, Predrag Todorov, Zeljko Djurovic, and Aleksandra Marjanovic

USB HW/SW Co-Simulation Environment with Custom Test Tool Integration

Authors: Zargaryan Y. Grigor, Aharonyan K. Vahram, Melikyan V. Nazeli and Marko A. Dimitrijevic

Measuring Capacitor Parameters Using Vector Network Analyzers

Authors: Deniss Stepins, Gundars Asmanis, and Aivis Asmanis

Data-Driven Gradient Descent Direct Adaptive Control for Discrete-Time Nonlinear SISO Systems

Authors: Igor R. Krcmar, Milorad M. Bozic, and Petar S. Maric

A Modified Approximate Internal Model-based Neural Control for the Typical Industrial Processes

Authors: Jasmin Igic and Milorad Bozic

Integrated Cost-Benefit Assessment of Customer-Driven Distributed Generation

Authors: Cedomir Zeljkovic and Nikola Rajakovic

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VOLUME 17: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Celebrating 65th Anniversary of the Transistor

Author: Goce L. Arsov

An Operational Standpoint in Electrical Engineering

Authors: Frédéric Rotella and Irène Zambettakis

Project-Based Learning and Agile Methodologies in Electronic Courses: Effect of Student Population and Open Issues

Authors: Marina Zapater, Pedro Malagón, Juan-Mariano de Goyeneche, and José M. Moya

Exploring the use of Cadence IC in Education

Authors: Danijela Efnusheva, Josif Kjosev, and Katerina Raleva

Tool-Based Curricula and Visual Learning

Authors: Dragica Vasileska, Gerhard Klimeck, A. Magana, and S. M. Goodnick

From Theory to Development: Role of Multiphysics Modeling and its Effect on Education in Electronics

Author: Tejinder Singh

Digital Controller Development Methodology Based on Real-Time Simulations with LabVIEW FPGA Hardware-Software Toolset

Authors: Tommaso Caldognetto, Simone Buso, and Paolo Mattavelli

Solar Cybertech: A Competition of Digitally Controlled Vehicles Poweredby Solar Panels

Authors: O. García, J. A. Oliver, D. Díaz, D. Meneses, P. Alou, M. Vasic, J. A. Cobos

Single-Phase Full-Wave Rectifier as an Effective Example to Teach Normalization, Conduction Modes, and Circuit Analysis Methods

Authors: Predrag Pejovic, Johann W. Kolar

Model-driven Techniques for Data Model Synthesis

Authors: Drazen Brdjanin and Slavko Maric

Control Strategy for Cascaded Medium - High Voltage STATCOM

Authors: Libing Chen, Liping Shi, Xiaodong Yang, and Zhenglong Xia

Study on New Smart Transformer Terminal Unit Based on ARM and GPRS Network

Authors: Na Wu, Yinjing Guo, Yongqin Wei, Aying Wei

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Morlet Wavelet UDWT Denoising and EMD based Bearing Fault Diagnosis

Authors: A. Santhana Raj and N. Murali

Combined Discrete Space Voltage Vector with Direct Torque Control for Bearingless Brushless DC Motor and Closed-Loop Suspended Force Control

Authors: Zhanshi Sheng, Xiaolian Wang, Fei Tan, and Weiran Wang

A Realization of Temperature Monitoring System Based on Real-Time Kernel uC/OS and 1-wire Bus

Authors: Haibo Pu, Lijia Xu, and Yanmei Qi

Impact of Sectorization/Vehicular Traffic on Minimum Cell Size for Information Capacity Increase in Cellular Systems

Authors: Kwashie A. Anang, Predrag B. Rapajic, and Ruiheng Wu

Development of the Algorithm for Energy Efficiency Improvement of Bulk Material Transport System

Authors: Leposava Ristic, Milan Bebic, and Borislav Jeftenic

An Efficient Method for Approximation of Non Rational Transfer Functions

Authors: Tomislav B. Sekara, Milan R. Rapaic, and Mihailo P. Lazarevic

Influence of Signal Stationarity on Digital Stochastic Measurement Implementation

Authors: Platon Sovilj, Vladimir Vujicic, Nebojsa Pjevalica, Dragan Pejic, Marjan Urekar, and Ivan Zupunski

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VOLUME 16: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Designing Energy Conversion Systems for the Next Decade

Author: Slobodan N. Vukosavic

Cyber Physical Systems Approach to Power Electronics Education

Authors: Nikola Celanovic, Ivan CelanoviC, Stevan Grabic, Vladimir Katic, Zoran Ivanovic, and Marko Vekic

HIL Simulation of Power Electronics and Electric Drives for Automotive Applications

Authors: Thomas Schulte, Axel Kiffe, and Frank Puschmann

Design of a Bioelectronics Hybrid System in Real Time and in Closed Loop

Authors: Guilherme Bontorin, Andre Garenne, Colin Lopez, Gwendal Le Masson, and Sylvie Renaud

Stabilizing Ferroresonance Oscillations in Voltage Transformers Using Limiter Circuit

Authors: Hamid Radmanesh and Seyed Hamid Fathi

Simulation of Power Electronic Converters Using Quasi Steady State Approximation

Author: Predrag Pejovic

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Bidirectional AC DC Converter for Regenerative Braking

Authors: Predrag Pejovic, Johann W. Kolar, and Yasuyuki Nishida

Analysis of Single Coil PM-BLDC Motor

Authors: Boguslaw Grzesik and Mariusz Stepien

IPMSM Model Including Magnetic Saturation and Cross-Coupling

Authors: Darko P. Marcetic, Roberto M. Varga, and Mile B. Bozic

Comparison of Methods for On-Line Harmonic Estimation

Authors: Jovan M. Knezevic and Vladimir A. Katic

PWM Algorithms for Multilevel Inverter Supplied Multiphase Variable-Speed Drives

Authors: Martin Jones, Obrad Dordevic, Nandor Bodo, and Emil Levi

Some Examples that Use the FEM in PM Generators Analysis

Author: Marian Greconici

Influence of a Thin Copper Shield on a BLDC Motor Parameters

Authors: Nandor Burany, Dejana Herceg, and Neda Pekaric-Nadj

High frequency model of EMI filter

Authors: Szymon Pasko and Boguslaw Grzesik

Energy Efficiency in Electric Drives

Author: Slobodan Mirchevski

Power Electronic Transformer Technology for Traction Applications-An Overview

Authors: Drazen Dujic, Frederick Kieferndorf, and Francisco Canales

Modeling and Design of Passive Components for Flexible Electronics

Authors: Nikola Jerance, Natasa Samardzic, Dragana Vasiljevic, and Goran Stojanovic

Energy Efficient Sensor Nodes Powered by Kinetic Energy Harvesters-Design for Optimum Performance

Authors: Tom J. Kazmierski, Leran Wang, and Mansour Aloufi

Pattern-Based Approach to Current Density Verification

Authors: Vazgen Melikyan, Eduard Babayan, and Ashot Harutyunyan

Network Simulator Tools and GPU Parallel Systems

Authors: Leonid Djinevski, Sonja Filiposka, and Dimitar Trajanov

The Decomposition of DSP's Control Logic Block for Power Reduction

Authors: Borisav Jovanovic and Milunka Damnjanovic

Data Privacy in Smart Electricity Networks

Authors: Slobodan Bojanic, Srdan Djordjevic, and Octavio Nieto-Taladriz

Advanced DC Motor Drive for Haptic Devices

Authors: Miroslav Bozic, Darko Todorovic, Milos Petkovic, Volker Zerbe, and Goran S. Djordjevic

How To Measure Oscillator's Short-Term Stability Using Frequency Counter

Authors: Ivica Milanovic, Snezana Renovica, Ivan Zupunski, Mladen Banovic, and Predrag Rakonjac

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VOLUME 15: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Improved PLL for Power Generation Systems Operating under Real Grid Conditions

Authors: Evgenije M. Adzic, Milan S. Adzic, and Vladimir A. Katic

Linearization of Two-way Doherty Amplifier by Using Second and Fourth Order Nonlinear Signals

Authors: Aleksandar Atanaskovic and Natasa Males-Ilic

Realization of Primitives by Using SVM for Humanoid Robot Walk Generation

Authors: Branislav Borovac, Mirko Rakovic, and Milutin Nikolic

Real Time Method for Image Recognition and Categorization

Authors: Ivan Bozic and Ivan Lazic

Matlab/Simulink Implementation of Wave-based Models for Microstrip Structures utilizing Short-circuited and Opened Stubs

Authors: Biljana P. Stosic, Darko I. Krstic, and Jugoslav J. Jokovic

Population Exposure to Depleted Uranium in the Han Pijesak Region

Authors: Zora S. Zunic, Rodoljub Simovic, Zoran Curguz, Olivera Cuknic, Jerzy Mietelski, Predrag Ujic, Igor Celikovic, Predrag Kolarz, and Branko Predojevic

WindSim® Computational Flow Dynamics Model Testing Using Databases from Two Wind Measurement Stations

Authors: Djordje Klisic, Miodrag Zlatanovic, and Ilija Radovanovic

Robust adaptive system identification of steam separator process in thermal power plants

Authors: Goran S. Kvascev, Aleksandra Lj. Marjanovic, and Zeljko M. Djurovic

Multi-Core Platform for DTV/STB Functional Testing in Real-Time

Authors: Dusan Milosavljevic and Vladimir Zlokolica

Electronic Solution to the QTUD Method for Materials Testing

Authors: Zoran Ebersold, Nebojsa Mitrovic, and Slobodan Djukic

Using Easy Java Simulations in Computer Supported Control Engineering Education

Authors: Milica B. Naumovic, Natasa Popovic, and Bozidar Popovic

Analysis of Software Realized DSA Algorithm for Digital Signature

Authors: Bojan R. Pajcin and Predrag N. Ivanis

Design of Low Cost Force Sensor System for Human Machine Interaction-Force Feedback Joystick

Authors: Milos Petkovic and Goran S. Djordjevic

Two Dimensional Finite Element Method-Based Simulation of the Brownian Motion of a Spherical Particle in Water

Authors: Katarina Radulovic and Sylvia Jeney

An Adaptive Clustering Procedure with Applications to Fault Detection

Authors: Milan R. Rapaic, Milena Petkovic, Zoran D. Jelicic, and Alessandro Pisano

Schematic Representation for Illustrating the Procedure of Optical Noise Figure in Erbium doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) and Praseodymium-doped Fiber Amplifier (PDFA)

Authors: Abdel Hakeim M. Husein and Fady I. EL-Nahal

Dynamics of Closed-loop ADC-NOT-DAC Circuits

Authors: Arthur E. Edang, Fredison A. Corminal, and Felicito S. Caluyo

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Extraction of External Torque Disturbance in Positioning Servomechanism

Authors: Milic R. Stojic and Djordje M. Stojic

High Frequency Power Supply for Electrostatic Precipitators in Thermal Power Plants

Author: Slobodan Vukosavic

Realization of an Electronic Load for Testing Low Power PEM Fuel Cells

Authors: Djordje Saponjic, Vojislav Arandjelovic, Milica Marceta Kaninski and Aleksandar Maksic

Robust RST Controller Design by Convex Optimization

Authors: Milan S. Matijevic, Ranko Sredojevic and Vladimir M. Stojanovic

PI-like Observer Structures in Digitally Controlled DC Servo Drives: Theory and Experiments

Author: Milica B. Naumovic

Frequency Domain Design of a Complex Controller under Constraints on Robustness and Sensitivity to Measurement Noise

Authors: Tomislav B. Sekara, Milos B. Trifunovic and Vidan Govedarica

Choice of Window Size in Calibrating the Geometry of Manipulators Based on the Regions Correlation

Authors: Petar Maric and Velibor Djalic

Land Vehicle Navigation System Based on the Integration of Strap-Down INS and GPS

Authors: Rade Stancic and Stevica Graovac

NHibernateMapper-A Tool for Rapid Development of Data Access Layer for Interoperable GIS Solutions

Authors: Stevica S. Cvetkovic, Milos D. Bogdanovic and Leonid V. Stoimenov

Localization Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks using Measurement of Received Signal Strength Indicator

Authors: M. Srbinovska, V. Dimcev, C. Gavrovski and Z. Kokolanski

Continual One Point Auto-Calibration Technique in Simple Sensor-Microcontroller Interface

Authors: Zivko Kokolanski, Cvetan Gavrovski and Vladimir Dimcev

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VOLUME 14: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Practical Implications of Low Voltage Ride Through Requirements on Windturbine Power Conversion

Author: Dejan Raca

Model Based Design of an Efficient CORDIC Algorithm Implementation

Authors: Volker Zerbe and Michael Backhaus

CAE Application and Certification for Industrial and Educational Customers The Case of University-Industry Cooperation between EPLAN and RFH

Author: Dusko Lukac

A Model of the Molecular Rectifying Diode Type Aviram-Ratner

Authors: Dalibor Sekulic and Milos Zivanov

A New Real Differentiator with Low-Pass Filter in Control Loop

Authors: Cedomir Milosavljevic, Branislava Perunicic, and Boban Veselic

Self-Oscillating Fluxgate Current Sensor with Pulse Width Modulated Feedback

Authors: Radivoje Djuric and Milan Ponjavic

Improving Efficiency of Power Electronics Converters

Authors: Milomir Soja, Marko Ikic, Mladen Banjanin, and Milan Dj. Radmanovic

Design of an Open Software Architecture for Leg Control of a Walking Robot

Author: Mladen Milushev

Profibus Interface Based Connection and Actuation of the Servo-Electric and Pneumatic 2-Finger Parallel Gripper by Using of the Quick Release Gripper-Change-System Realized for the Fanuc Robot

Author: Dusko Lukac

Monitoring in the Control System of Robotized Medical X-ray Device for High Functional Safety

Authors: Milun S. Jevtic and Goran S. Djordjevic

User Interface in Medical Information Systems-Common Problems and Sustainable Solutions

Authors: Tatjana N. Stankovic, Petar J. Rajkovic, Aleksandar M. Milenkovic, and Dragan S. Jankovic

Feed-Forward Based Direct Torque and Flux Control of Induction Motor in Field Weakening Regime

Authors: Petar Matic, Slobodan N. Vukosavic, and Dejan Raca

Mutual Inductance Variation Influence on Induction Motor IFOC Drive

Authors: Milan Mijalkovic and Petar Petrovic

Self-Oscillating Fluxgate Current Sensor with Pulse Width Modulated Feedback

Authors: Tomislav B. Sekara and Miroslav R. Matausek

Infrared Transceiver for Home Automation

Authors: Ivana Senk, Laslo Tarjan, Gordana Ostojic, and Stevan Stankovski

An Analytical Model of Inversion Layer Quantization and Gate Oxide Quantum Mechanical Tunneling in Nano-p-MOSFETs

Authors: Amit Chaudhry and Jatinder N. Roy

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The Sixth Decade of the Thyristor

Authors: Goce L. Arsov and Slobodan Mircevski

Semiconductor Solutions for Automotive AC Drives

Authors: Dusan Graovac, Benno Koeppl, Frank Auer, and Michael Scheffer

Real-Time Digital Simulation: Enabling Rapid Development of Power Electronics

Authors: Ivan Celanovic, Pierre Haessig, Eric Carroll, Vladimir Katic, and Nikola Celanovic

Current Trends in Power Electronic Devices in Ecological Equipment

Author: Slobodan Vukosavic

Efficiency Optimization Methods in Low-Power High-Frequency Digitally Controlled SMPS

Author: Aleksandar Prodic

Experimental Analysis of the Line-Side Interphase Transformer Magnetizing Currents in Three-Phase Output Voltage Type Rectifiers

Authors: Dejana Cucak, Predrag Pejovic, and Johann W. Kolar

Comparative Study of Two Multilevel Converters for Envelope Amplifier

Authors: Miroslav Vasic, Oscar Garcia, Jesus Angel Oliver, Pedro Alou, Daniel Diaz, and Jose Antonio Cobos

The Dependence of Resistivity on Temperature for Thin Superconductors

Authors: Constantin Blaj, Dumitru Toader, and Marian Greconici

Short-Term Forecasting of Electricity Load Using Recurrent ANNs

Authors: Jelena B. Milojkovic and Vanco B. Litovski

Computer Modeling of Three-Phase to Single-Phase Matrix Converter Using MATLAB

Authors: Georgi Kunov, Mihail Antchev, and Elissaveta Gadjeva

Hierarchical Fault Diagnosis Using Sensor Data Fusion for Robotic System

Authors: Mohammad A. Nekoui, Amir R. Kashanipour, and Karim Salahshoor

Optimum Torque/Current Control of Dual-PMSM Single-VSI Drive

Authors: Andrea Del Pizzo, Diego Iannuzzi, and Ivan Spina

Power Losses in Leads and Interconnections of Coaxial Linear Transformer

Authors: Boguslaw Grzesik, Bodzek Krzysztof, and Mariusz Stepien

High-Performance Control of Doubly-Fed Reluctance Machines

Authors: Milutin Jovanovic and Hamza Chaal

A Modified Sensorless Control of Induction Motor Based on Reactive Power

Authors: Vladan R. Jevremovic, Veran Vasic, Darko P. Marcetic, and Borislav Jeftenic

A Test Procedure for Determining Models of LV Equipment

Authors: Vladimir Cuk, Joseph F. G. Cobben, Wil L. Kling, Roelof B. Timens, and Frank B. J. Leferink

Attenuation of Nanocrystalline and Ferrite Common Mode Chokes for EMI Filters

Authors: Szymon Pasko, Boguslaw Grzesik, and Fabian Beck

Active Power Filter with Soft Switching

Author: Petr Simonik

Power Quality Measurement in a Modern Hotel Complex

Authors: Velimir Strugar and Vladimir Katic

Design of a PEM Fuel Cell Simulator Based on DC-DC Buck Converter

Authors: Georgi Georgievski and Goce L. Arsov

Dual-Array Based MPPT for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems

Authors: Darko Ostojic, Gabriele Grandi, and Darko Marcetic

Hardware Based Strategies Against Side-Channel-Attack Implemented in WDDL

Authors: Milena J. Stanojlovic and Predrag M. Petkovic

Multi Channel ΣΔ A/D Converter for Integrated Power Meter

Authors: Dejan D. Mirkovic and Predrag M. Petkovic

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VOLUME 13: Issue 2; Issue 1;


Upgrade of Conventional Positional Systems into High-Precision Tracking Systems Using Sliding Mode Controlled Active Digital Compensators

Authors: Boban Veselic, Branislava Perunicic, and Cedomir Milosavljevic

Efficiency Optimized Control of High Performance Induction Motor Drive

Authors: Branko D. Blanusa, Branko L. Dokic, and Slobodan N. Vukosavic

Acquisition System for Static Torque Characteristics Measuring

Authors: Goran Vukovic, Srdan Ajkalo, Srdan Jokic and Petar Matic

Voltage Sag Effects on High Performance Electric Drives

Authors: M. Petronijevic, N. Mitrovic, and V. Kostic

Two Distant Cross-Coupled Positioning Servo Drives: Theory and Experiment

Authors: Milica B. Naumovic and Milic R. Stojic

The Simulation Model of Optical Transport System and Its Applications to Efficient Error Control Techniques Design

Authors: Predrag Ivanis and Dusan Drajic

Automatic Emotion Recognition in Speech: Possibilities and Significance

Authors: Milana Bojanic and Vlado Delic

Analysis of Geometry Influence on Performances of Capacitive Pressure Sensor

Authors: Mirjana Maksimovic and Goran Stojanovic

Design and Realisation of Over-voltage Protection in Push-pull Inverters

Authors: Milomir Soja, Slobodan Lubura, Dejan Jokic, Milan D. Radmanovic

A Half Bridge Inverter with Ultra-Fast IGBT Module-Modeling and Experimentation

Authors: Dinko Vukadinovic, Ljubomir Kulisic, and Mateo Basic

Benefits of Using OLAP versus RDBMS for Data Analyses in Health Care Information Systems

Authors: Srebrenko Pesic, Tatjana Stankovic, and Dragan Jankovic

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Preliminary Design of a PEM Fuel Cell Simulator Based on Digitally Controlled DC-DC Buck Converter

Authors: Goce L. Arsov, Georgi Georgievski

Application of Impedance Spectroscopy for Electrical Characterization of Ceramics Materials

Authors: Dragan Mancic, Vesna Paunovic, Zoran Petrusic, Milan Radmanovic, Ljiljana Zivkovic

Strained Si/SiGe MOS transistor model

Authors: Tatjana Pesic-Brdanin, Nebojsa Jankovic

Design of Transformer and Power stage of Push-Pull Inverter

Authors: Milomir Soja, Slobodan Lubura, Dejan Jokic, Milan D. Radmanovic, Goran S. Dordevic, and Branko L. Dokic

Why does the grid needs cryptography?

Authors: V. B. Litovski, P. M. Petkovic

Statistical Timing Analysis of Asynchronous Circuits Using Logic Simulator

Authors: Miljana Lj. Sokolovic and Vanco B. Litovski

Influence of Rotor Time Constant error on IFOC Control Structure

Authors: Janos Timer, Evgenije Adzic, Vlado Porobic and Darko Marcetic

Calibration of High Voltage Linear Voltmeter

Authors: M. Azlen, S. Milovancev, and V. Vujicic

Classification of Musical Audio Recordings

Authors: Igor Maric and Vladimir Risojevic

Influence of Imperfect Carrier Signal Recovery on Performance of SC Receiver of BPSK Signals Transmitted over α-µ Fading Channel

Authors: Zlatko J. Mitrovic, Bojana Z. Nikolic, Goran T. Djordjevic, and Mihajlo C. Stefanovic

Multivariable Modeling and Decentralized Robust Linear Controllers for Current-Sharing DC/DC Converters

Authors: Aleksandar Z. Rakic, Trajko B. Petrovic

Power Quality Monitoring and Power Measurements by Using Virtual Instrumentation

Authors: Z. Kokolanski, M. Srbinovska, A. Simevski, C. Gavrovski and V. Dimcev

A Thyristor Full-Wave Rectifier With Full Control of the Conducting Angle

Author: Ruzica Stevanovic

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